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Amateur rigging reference
« on: September 11, 2018, 07:35:16 AM »

I did some very basic investigation on this topic.  I had been using the 'fine' EZ-Line for rigging 1/72nd scale aircraft but it always looked heavy.  I then started splitting it into halves or thirds if I could, to lighten it up.  It still looked a bit overdone.  I then found nichrome wire in very fine gauges.  I didn't have much success with it as it's very shiny and I couldn't find an easy solution to dull it up.  Just recently, I found Infini rigging line.  It's lycra based like EZ-Line but comes in a multitude of sizes over their ship and aero lines.  I decided to put together a quick reference for my own memory so I don't use the wrong size in whatever scale I'm working in.  I thought others may benefit from this so please see the attached .pdf if you're interested.  Again, this is just a generalization to try and get close to scale rigging.  I will be trying it out on a 1/72nd scale Voisin to see what it looks like, but I am very slow and a long way from rigging any part of it.


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Re: Amateur rigging reference
« Reply #1 on: October 15, 2018, 05:15:46 AM »
somehow I missed this post first time around, many thanks for your list.
Something I will look into as I tend to go with stetchy line more and more for my 1/48 builds (at least for the Eduard kits, some resin ones need more strenght)

many thanks, Hidde