Author Topic: Lebed VII (Sopwith Tabloid), Special Hobby 1/48, Upd 23.1.18 100% scratch floats  (Read 21197 times)

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I know that it works building airscrews in 72nd scale with real wood, do you know Martin Digmayer range? Maybe I think that Martin stopped production, but I have a stock of little gems in my "hangar". The most appreciated thing is that Martin respected the real ones with colors too. I know that everyone of us are fascinating by "two tone" wooden props, they gave to models more beauty. But if you need, for example, a Chauviere for your Nieuport 17, they were "solid brown" because of the type of woods used and of the paints for protection.
If I spend hours and money in searching for the right colors of my models, I enclose also props in this research (and tyres too! Another "weak" point...).