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GB Rules
« on: July 15, 2016, 03:58:29 PM »
WW1 diorama group build

1.   Open to all members of the forum regardless of modeling abilities
2.   Your diorama may include aircraft, artillery, armour, vehicles, figures, ships or a combination of all subjects
3.   The diorama must be WW1 related
4.   A build log would be nice but progress photos will suffice, start a new topic for your diorama.
5.   Any scale is permitted
6.   Any building medium is permitted
7.   Already started dioramas are permitted to enter
8.   You can enter as many times as you like.
9.   You can join the GB at any time during it's run
10. Your diorama is only limited by your imagination.
11. Start date is the 16th July 2016 (it's already started)
12. End date will be midnight on the 1st July 2017 (all times and dates are Australian Eastern Standard time)
13. Judging will be conducted by forum owner and operator Des Delatorre with prizes being awarded at the discretion of the judge. The judge's decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into. All entries have an equal chance of winning a prize regardless of the scale or subject of the diorama.
14. 5 of the forum shops have offered prizes which are:

Costas from GasPatch                  - 1:48 scale Salmson kit
Lukasz from Taurus Models          - A collection of Taurus products
Bo Monroe from Flugzeugwerke   - Engine stand in 1:32 scale
Richard Andrews from Aviattic      - 50 gift voucher for Aviattic goods
Edgar from Copper State Models - A collection of kits
Des - A $50AUD gift to be used at your own free will

Below is the list of starters, please contact me if you want your name added.

01. Dave W
02. Kornbeef
03. Edo
04. Borsos
05. The Red Baron
06. Mikko
07. Boggie
08. Stefan
09. LCarroll
10. RagIII
11. Monty
12. Kreston
13. IanB
14. Fareast
15. MarkG
16. Cajun
17. gbrivio
18. Xmald
19. Fokker fodder
20. Coyotemagic
21. Doug Mace
22. Weebeasty 32454
23. eindecker
24. lonemodeller
25. Malaula
26. guitarlute101
27. Adam
28. Terri
29. Dwaynewilly
30. Stonewall34
31. Davewad
32. kkarlsen
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