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Show us your - Hansa-Brandenburg W.20
« on: October 28, 2022, 08:16:05 PM »
Hi all,
I thought you might like to see my 1:32 scale build - The German ‘Hansa-Brandenburg W.20’.
This model is from ‘Omega Models’ and is resin.
This aircraft was a single seat float, designed to be carried in a watertight container on a type of submarine.
The intention was to surface and remove the aircraft from its container, assemble it then launch it for reconnaissance missions.
After landing near the submarine, it was be taken onboard, disassembled and stowed back in its container.
The special submarines were never built before hostilities ceased and the three prototypes were eventually put into storage.

As usual I've created a downloadable build log in Adobe PDF format, for those who might want to refer to it for reference or build details. It contains full step by step descriptions of the model build, its modifications/changes and is also supported with illustrations and photographs. If viewed in Adobe Reader, each build log has book marked chapters/headings for easier navigation through the log.
My model website has the gallery page, so to view any model, go to the gallery and select it.  If it has a PDF build log, it will be available to download using the 'PDF' icon on that models photo's page. For any photograph, just click the photo to enlarge or reduce the viewing size.

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