Author Topic: Officer 1st Bavarian Foot Artillery Reg. 1916  (Read 908 times)

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Officer 1st Bavarian Foot Artillery Reg. 1916
« on: March 20, 2016, 08:14:44 AM »
I needed a break from my scratchbuild project and besides of that I am getting more and more into 1/32 respectively 1/35 scale. One reason is the availability of great kits of airplanes, tanks and figures in this scale, another reason is the great work I am seeing on this forum. I spend some money for some 1/32 kits and 1/35 figures, mainly from Masterbox. They are actually great. When a fellow modeller asked me if we couldn't build a model as a small group built and if we couldn't do something a little different - maybe a big gun - then I joined in and at once remembered the great jobs edo and dave of dubai did on their Takom 21cm mörser. I proposed to do that model. He's going to do it as a WW2 gun, I want to build it as a gun that was used in 1916 by the 1st Bavarian foot artillery regiment at Verdun - where else.
Waiting for the kit to arrive I built and painted an officer that I'll place next to the gun on a small base. It's a Masterbox figure from their WWI tankers set. I just removed the breast pockets of the uniform (which was a late war fashion. Those pockets were added by private tailors and were never part of the official uniform), gave it a shot of Mr surfacer 1000 and painted it. I love this scale  :)

I hope you like it.
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