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Re: A question of Focus
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Some remark, you may not need Photoshop.
Modern cameras, like the Panasonic GX80, are able to do Focus stacking and also Post Focus.
The cam takes 30 pictures with a different focus setting. You can select afterwards, which of the 30 should be stored (Post Focus) or merge them into one picture as focus stacking.
My GX7 do not support this yet, but with the H-HS030 HD Macros the pictures are great. I should upgrade my body one day.
Some Panasonic support also Focus Bracketing with up to 999 pictures, but this is not working inside the camera but with special software.

As you wrote, always stop down as far as possible to get a wide range of sharpness. If I'm not using a tripod the I increase until I got shutter time of 1/40 sec, which I can hold with stabilizing by lens (in A mode).

Hi Frank,

So does my Olympus EM 1/2.  But since my go to Macro lens is the Laowa 25mm 2 x (Manual Focus only), that's not an option for me.  And the depth of field with that lens is so narrow even at F/11, that an insects eye will be sharp at the closest point and soft anywhere else in a single image.