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The Golden Age of Passenger Airships
« on: August 31, 2013, 08:11:57 AM »
The Golden Age of Passenger Airships


  Well lets get started here. Below I will show you all some of my rare photos from the airship era. I hope you will enjoy these.

The LZ129 Hindenburg was a transatlantic luxury airship. It crashed and blew up on May 6, 1937. There were 36 passengers on board and 61 crew members. There were 13 passenger deaths, 22 aircrewmen deaths and 1 ground crew member death.

Before the crash the Zeppelin was Germany's number 1 airship.  It was the largest and longest airship that the world had ever seen.  The first take off of the Zeppelin was rough for the zeppelin. It got away from the crewmen and it started floating around like a free balloon. When they finally got it down, the rudder hit the ground and ripped part of it. As you can see...

photo storage

Germany's government didn't want the world to see these pictures so. The governor went around that day and took the film out of every photographer's camera. The american  photographer (Harold G. Dick) put his camera in his jacket pocket so that the government couldn't take his film. So these are very rare pictures that you will only see from Harold G. Dick's book' "The Golden Age of The Great Passenger Airships: Hindenburg and Graf Zeppelin".

(Im just touching on the subjects right now. There is so much to cover on ever single airship)

The LZ 1
screen shot on pc

The Lz1, Count Zeppelin's  first airship, made its first flight on July 2, 1900, from a floating dock on Lake Constance (The Bodensee). The first ship was trimmed by cracking the suspended weight between the gondola's fore and aft.

LZ 10, Schwaben, a pre World War 1 passenger-carrying airship. Between June 1911 and June 1912, this ship made 218 successful flights, carrying in all 4358 passengers. The Schwaben was one of four similar airships operated by DELAG.

The L 71
print screen windows

The last world war 1 military airships. It First flew on July 29 1918 and in 1920 was delivered to England
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Re: The Golden Age of Passenger Airships
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Hello LTA. 

Really neat photo's and comments of these behemoths.   I have seen the LTA hangars at Tustin and the one up at Sunnyvale in California.  The one in Sunnyvale apparently housed the Shenendoah, if I remember correctly.  They sure do evoke a long lost period of time don't they?

Thanks for sharing.



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Re: The Golden Age of Passenger Airships
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Hello LTA,

Thank you for your nice and rare photo's. Your comments are very informative.

Kind regards

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Re: The Golden Age of Passenger Airships
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Very interesting photos and comments, LTA.  Thanks for
bringing them to us.

Ernie :)
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