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Request for information
« on: December 05, 2013, 07:17:54 PM »
I have received an email requesting information on a particular aircraft, the gentleman asking for information would like to build a model of this aeroplane so he is in need of any photos, drawings or plans that might be available. If no information is available he would like to know of a model which is similar in appearance so he can alter it to suit. If you do have any info please contact me so I can pass the information on, many thanks.
Here is the email that was sent to me plus some photos of the plane in question.


I am interested in making a model of the Alliance Seabird in the attached photos. It was one of the entrants in the England Australia air race of 1919 but crashed shortly after takeoff. My father helped build the plane so it is of particular interest for me. I have not though built a model plane for nearly 50 years and need to get back up to speed, and of course I can find no plans for this plane (only 2 were ever built).

Could you suggest which of the WW1 kits which are available, or sets of plans, would be most like the plane so I could use that as a base to modify. I can get some ratios of dimensions from photos so I could tweak the plans somewhat. Of interest is the engine which is a Napier 450 HP. I can access some photos of the engine and also the interior navigation instrument panel.

Many thanks

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