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Modellbaustudio (serious...) problem


Over the last years I've been ordering Luedemann and Classic Plane kits from Detlef Schorsch of Modellbaustudio Rhein-Ruhr. Communication with Mr. Schorsch had always been difficult and the kits took months to arrive but they were good kits, unavailable elsewhere.
My last order of two kits was in November 2022 and as usual I've paid for tracked and insured shipping. Mr Schorsch had sent me a Deutsche Post document confirming the shipping and payment. Two months later I've informed him that the kits haven't arrived yet and asked him to check with Deutsche Post.

After more emails, in March 2023 he admitted that he had sent the parcel without tracking and insurence because "it was too expensive". He said he would refund the payment. I said I'd rather have replacement kits sent than a refund.

A few more months had passed, still no kits and no refund, so I've offered to pay the extra shipping of the replacement kits. I have repeatedly sent him emails and he hasn't replied till mid July, when he had again promised to transfer the refund. I haven't heard from him since.
I have ordered numerous kits from all over the world and there was never any problem, and nothing like this has ever happened to me. I don't know if anyone here buys from Modellbaustudio Rhein-Ruhr but if you do, be warned...

As it happens I've recently been in touch with Detlef about buying a couple of kits. He replied fairly quickly to say they were in stock but apologises that postage to the US is quite expensive, but I've heard nothing back since I said it'll be even worse since I'm in New Zealand...I'm still keen to get them, but my reply and follow-up have gone unanswered.

Best of luck with it Zac...
He has always complained about the cost of shipping, though I've paid for it.
I could live with his random replies etc. but trying to cut the shipping costs after I've paid for it and ignoring his responsibility for the lost parcel is a bit too much. 


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