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MBK-Germany this week - available WingnutWings models significantly reduced


Discount promotion at Modellbau Koenig this week.
All currently available WingnutWings models significantly reduced.



Thanks for the heads-up, Bertl.

Ooft! That's just put a very large dent in the pre-Christmas spending plans!

I noticed on FB that Ray is offering an LVG and a DH9 on his Windsock site for 260GBP each including a couple of figures and a detail set - and somebody bemoaned the unaffordability now of WNW kits.

I had to point out - and repeat here, that for those wanting to try WNW quality that the postwar Ninak and DH9 kits are still in plentiful supply from MBK Modellbau in Germany for 108.81EUR incl shipping to UK - and will come in under our import duty threshold, so delivered in UK for less than 95GBP.

(They have a 25% discount on RRP (115Eur) and then automatically discount the German VAT on order. Putting one in my shopping basket adds 5eur shipping and this brings it under the UK import tax threshold. Buy singly or you get hit for UK import duty.)

I've bought 5 DH4as and 3 DH9s - but no connection to MBK other than as a very happy customer!


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