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Forum email notifications glitch
« on: September 01, 2023, 03:04:46 PM »
 Folks, several members have expressed concern that they are no longer receiving email notifications of new posts on the Forum or of PMs waiting for them when they log on.

Our apologies for this issue. We have no idea why the email notifications have stopped but the forum software is rudimentary by modern standards and there may be a glitch that we have yet to identify.

It is important to remember that this problem does not affect forum posts, only emails about posts or pending PM's.

We are looking for ways to fix this issue and in the meantime we apologise for any inconvenience. While we do this, we recommend that you utilise the "Show unread posts since last visit" and "Show new replies to your posts" functionality at the top of the page; this will allow you to keep abreast of updates to all of the threads. 

Please bear  with us while we seek to fix this problem.

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