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USCHI purchase problem


Von Salza:
Hi everyone.
I've made an order in USCHI internet shop almost two months ago.
Payment vis debit card, confirmed.
Since that time I got no shopping and no answer for three email questions.
Does anybody know what could happen? Ma last shopping with USCHI was succesful but now it seems to be a disaster.
What can I do in that case? This is my first net-shopping failure.
Thanks for any help.

Von Salza:
The USCHi case had it's end. For no answer from the owner I made a call. No one answered, but after few minutes Alex called me back. He was very suprised and ambarassed when he checked the order and paymet, and promised to send my items next day. And, after a week, a got them so I can confirm that USCHI works and still is trustworthy.


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