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Hey guys !

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Life has gotten in the way of my modeling time over the past while , nothing bad all good !
Work is going great , minus that lack of hours , but still good .
Over the past few months I have meet someone and we are planning on getting married in the future .

I would like to thank each and everyone for all the kindness and support over the past few years , you have all made a difference in my life and I'm truly grateful  , hugs to all , love you guys .


Brad Cancian:
Really great news Alexis! Congratulations on the engagement as well!!  ;D

Life can throw us a few curveballs, but things curve back in our favour eventually :)



Dave W:
Wonderful news Alexis and huge congratulations on your engagement. I hope your partner likes WW1 aircraft!

It's great to see things working well for you.

Warmest regards and here's to a magnificent 2023!

Dave Wilson
Gold Coast

Glad to hear the news!! Being happy is the most important thing in life.


That is indeed wonderful news; as Steve says, in life nothing surpasses happiness. Congratulations!


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