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2022 IPMS Nat. Conv Best Aircraft, Most Popular & Judges Grand Award Winner

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dr 1 ace:
The Winner of all 3 Top Awards at the IPMS National Convention in Omaha, NE was Steve Hustad with his scratchbuilt 1/72 Friedrichshofen FF 60; Taking 1st in Scratchbuilt-All Scales then the 3 Top Awards: Judges Best Aircraft of Show, Most Popular( Voted by registered attendees) and Judges Grand Award Best of Show.   Steve also had 4 other 1st place category wins, 1 Second Place and 1 Third Place all in 1/72 scale in various other Categories  There were over 2800 models by 600+ registered attendees ( + visitors) at the 4 day show.

The model can be viewed at:


Wowzer  :o 8) That's a beauty (If such an ungainly aircraft can be called beautiful)

Stunning piece of work that you could never tire of looking at. Conrats to Steve - well deserved winner


Congratulations Steve, what an achievement!

Great model, as are hundreds of others in that link! Thanks for posting.


Brad Cancian:
Agree - an amazing piece of work. I've added more pictures over in the below thread (with Steve's permission):





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