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IPMS-USA 2022 National Convention

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Brad Cancian:
Some wonderful pictures - from those of us on the other side of the globe that one day hope to attend one of these events, thank you for sharing!

The FF.60 as I understand it took away a whole bunch of awards (best aircraft, etc).  It was completely scratch built by Steve Hustad, based primarily on photographic references. Steve is a stalwart of the WW1 modelling scene; he's been a bit of an idol of mine ever since as a teen in the 90s I spied his works in Fine Scale Modeler. His stuff is almost single handily responsible for my interest in small scale WW1 models :) He's an upstanding chap too. Now, to entice him over here...

In any case, here are some more photos of the FF.60, reproduced here with Steve's permission:



dr 1 ace:
Just a reminder, this is 1/72 scale !


Immaculate. On top of an incredible build the figure and water are perfect!!


Stuart Malone:
Thanks to Bob for reminding me to take my camera and I'm glad I could share them here.  Next year in San Marcos, TX, I will focus more on the WWI aircraft entries.  I had promised another group I would get pics from all the categories this year.  I don't think I'll be doing that again!  My back and feet were very tired.



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