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Dear Forumites,
I’m pleased to announce the publication of Volume 3 in the series ‘Memoirs of German Pilots in the First World War’ with Aeronaut books:

This volume  includes an entirely new translation of Rudolf Stark’s 'The Jagdstaffel—Our Homeland: A Pilot’s Diary from the Final Year of the War' (1932) as well as a first-time complete translation of Hans Waldhausen’s 'With Unfurled and Clipped Wings – The Fate and Thoughts of a Downed Fighter Pilot' (1924). Waldhausen’s memoir provides insight into the experience of a combat pilot who destroyed six British aircraft and balloons in September 1917 before he was shot down and captured. Waldhausen offers a glimpse into the fears and frustrations of a front-line pilot, as well as insight into his friendship with Ernst Udet and his experiences trying to escape from a prisoner-of-war camp. Stark’s memoir, which in this new translation includes numerous passages omitted from the original 1930s translation and much more accurate rendering of his language, is unique in its intense description of the experience of aerial combat in 1918.  This book includes images from Stark’s personal photo-album that have never before been published.The volume has 152 pages, 10 color profiles and 90 photographs and drawings.

Vol 1 (with memoirs by Buddecke, von Tutschek and Gontermann) was published last year:
Vol 2 (with memoirs by Rosenstein, Boehme and Schaefer) was also published last year:

I hope these volumes will interest readers.  Thanks so much to Jack Herris for his expertise and for making these volumes available.

Best wishes,
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