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Pheon Decals - #72013 – 1/72 Albatros D.V & D.Va Selection

Reviewed by Brad Cancian

Scale: 1/72
Price – GBP12,75, without shipping from the UK
Stockist: Pheon Decals at
Contents: Decals with 19 marking options; information booklet.

With Eduard’s recent re-release of their excellent 1/72 Albatros DV / DVa, the Sabre Kits re-release of the same kit, and the ongoing availability of the Roden and Airfix kits, there are no excuses for not building your own veritable “Jasta” of Albatrii, and Pheon is here to help!

Released back in 2013 (and currently still available at time of writing), this set features an A3 sized decal sheet, five A4 sized pages of full colour side profiles and top profiles printed on high quality glossy art stock, and a booklet containing general colouring notes and a references list.

The decals are produced by Fantasy Printshop and are of very high quality, with register and colour density being spot on. Having used Pheon decals before, they are easy to use and respond well to decal softener.

The folded A4 booklet is excellent and highly informative. It includes instructions on how to apply the decals, general finishing notes about the Albatros series of fighters, and a detailed history and description of each colour scheme and pilot, where available.

Decal options are:

1.     D.V, D.4409/17 Uffz.Paul Bäumer, Jasta Boelcke, September 1917.

2.     D.V D.2236/17, Vfw.Ludwig Webber, Jasta 3, September1917.

3.     D.Va Ltn.Kurt Monnington, Jasta 18, April/May 1918.

4.     D.V, Pilot unknown, Jasta 12, September 1917.

 5.     D.V D.4618/17 Ltn. Carl Menckhoff, Jasta 3, Autumn 1917.

 6.     D.V Pilot unknown, Jasta 4, August 1917.

 7.     D.V D.4578/17, Ltn.Erwin Böhme, Staffelführer Jasta Boelcke November 1917.

 8.     D.V Oblt.Ernst Wilhelm Turck, Staffelführer, Jasta 18. March 1918.

 9.     D.V  Ltn.Viktor Schobinger, Staffelführer,Jasta 12. September 1917.

 10.     D.Va, Number unknown, Ltn. Otto Fuchs, Jasta 77b March 1918. (Note a small supplementary sheet is included which has the cockrel painted in red; this will give the modeller the option depending on their preference).

11.     D.Va, Number unknown, Pilot unknown, Jasta 18, April 1918.

12.     D.V, D.2006/17, Ltn.d.r Bernhard Kilian, Jasta 21b, September 1917. (Note – there is conjecture as to whether or not the fuselage of this aircraft was painted light blue, or left in varnished ply).

13.     Number u/k, Ltn.Hans Auer, C.O. Jasta 32b, September 1917.

14.     D.V Pilot Unknown, Jasta 12, late summer 1917.

15.     D.Va D.7352/17 Ltn.Lehmann, Jasta 59, September 1918.

16.     D.V Ltn.d.r.Friedrich Hochstetter, Jasta 12, late summer 1917.

17.     D.V Pilot unknown, Jasta 12, September 1917.

18.     D.V LtnArthur Rahn, Jasta 18, November 1917.

19.     D.V Ltn.Kypke of Jasta 41.

This really is a great package and excellent value for money. The schemes are colourful, and varied, which should cater to all tastes. Pheon has produced a world class, expertly researched and very well presented package. Highly recommended!

Our thanks to Rowan & Sabine at Pheon for the review sample.
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