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Greetings All
I have finally got around to uploading images from years of photographing the TVAL collection, plus a visit to Croydon Aviation Centre who specialise in de Havilland aircraft; RNZAF helicopters; Peter Jackson's Great War exhibition (now closed & dismantled); a couple of WWII warbirds and more, all in hi res.

Here is the list of albums:
Hanriot HD-1
FE2B night bomber Jess
RAF FE2b 6341 'Zanzibar'
Fokker DVII Willi Gabriel
Fokker EV
Albatros DVa 7343/17
Albatros DVa Mai
Albatros DVa Fritz Rumey
Albatros DII
Schoenebeck 's Albatros DVa
Albatros DV Kissenberth
Sopwith Snipe
Sopwith Snipe F2367
Billy Barker's Sopwith Snipe
Sopwith Camel B5663
Avro 504K
Sopwith Pup B2162 66 Sqn RFC
Sopwith Pup
Bristol F2B
RAF BE2c (early)
RAF RE8 B2293
RAF RE8 A4267
RAF RE8 A3930
BE2c reproduction
Nieuport 11 Bebe replica
Fokker Dr.I replica ZK-JOK
Fokker DVII replica ZK-FOD
Pfalz DIII replica ZK-FLZ
Sopwith Camel replica ZK-JMU
DH5 replica
Sopwith Triplane replica
RAF 1a engine
Sopwith Pup engine fittings
Mercedes DIIIa engine
Rolls Royce Falcon engine
Liberty 400hp V12 engine
Beardmore 160hp engine
LVG C.VI Radiator
Wolff propeller
Hi Res Camel
Air to Air
Peter Jacksons Great War Exhibition
Maurice Farman MF11
Bruno railway gun
WWI British BL 6 inch gun Mark VII
1931 Bentley 4.5 Litre car
WWI German Stoewer staff car
Hucks Starter
TVAL's engine test bed truck
Albatros DV details
The Vintage Aviator Collection flying weekends:
  TVAL Pilot Training Weekend Oct 21
  TVAL 2020-21 season
  Dec 2020
  Wings Over Wairarapa 2019
  Hood Aerodrome Feb 19 Hi Res
  Hood Aerodrome Oct-18
  Hood Aerodrome Sep18
  Hood Aerodrome Feb18
  Hood Aerodrome Jan18
  Wings Over Wairarapa airshow 2015
  TVAL Flying Weekend Nov-17
Vintage Posters
WWI aircraft art by Peter Green
Goodyear FG-1D Corsair
Curtiss P 40E Kittyhawk ZK-RMH
RNZAF Seasprite SH-2G
RNZAF Kaman Super Seasprite SH-2G(I)
RNZAF NH90 helicopter
Gotha logo & propeller (original)
Sopwith Baby at Fleet Air Arm museum at Yeovil
Short 184 at Fleet Air Arm museum at Yeovil
DH82A Tiger Moth ZK-ANQ
DH60G Gypsy Moth
de Havilland DH 83 Fox Moth ZK-ADI
DH 88 De Havilland Comet (Shuttleworth)
de Havilland DH 89 Dragon Rapide/Dominie ZK-AKY
Junkers DI article
Fiat Mephistopheles
Imperial Armoury in Vienna
NZ Railways Ka 935 steam locomotive
History of NZ Railways Weetbix booklet
Roden Felixstowe F2A flying boat

You are welcome to download any images for your personal use. Remember to use the small download icon, don't do a right mouse button click or the download won't be hi res.

If you repost any images please acknowledge me as the photographer


PS I think there are over 15,000 images altogether
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Our huge thanks to you James for sharing this world class reference resource with the Forum.

These images are superb and invaluable to historians and modellers alike.

Our thanks to Jamo for his generosity

Dave Wilson
Gold Coast
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Wow ! What a resource… already poring over these. A huge thanks for this labour of love and the results are fantastic and in one location and cataloged to boot! Cheers Matt

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    Thank you for all you do and for your generosity in sharing your wonderful work with us here. Your collection is a priceless resource to our modelling community and I for one am grateful to have access to it as I'm sure the Membership is as well. I have used your photos as a reference many many times over the years and never cease to be amazed at the number of "riddles" your photography solves for me! I've bookmarked this post and will use it often. I know I speak for the entire Membership when I say we are so fortunate to have you as a contributing Member of this Forum!


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James, thank you very much for that huge amount of useful pictures!

I have used your photos as a reference many many times over the years and never cease to be amazed at the number of "riddles" your photography solves for me!
Lance is so right, same for me!


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What a priceless set of images! Thank you James for organizing and sharing all these high quality photos. You photo site has been book marked!


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James, I am very grateful that you contribute these images here. Many (most) of my projects have indeed benefited from your shared photos, and I wanted to also express my sincere thanks.

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James, WOW! I can't fathom the effort that's gone into putting all this together. Thank you so much! Maybe see you on Saturday at Hood?
Hanriot HD-1
Sopwith Camel B5663
Avro 504K
Bristol F2B
For the benefit of those unaware, these are all originals so they are a fantastic reference for anyone building them.

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Thank you for the chance to use your huge collection with us. I could watch the pictures the whole day.
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