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Special Hobby 1/48 scale Lloyd C.V Serie 82
« on: December 17, 2021, 02:49:29 PM »
Special Hobby 1/48 scale Lloyd C.V Serie 82

Reviewed by: Dave Wilson

Item:  SH 48044
Scale: 1:48
Price:   Special Hobby on-line : Euro €28.70; £25.80 via UK retailers; $A 49.99 in Australia.
Review Sample kindly provided by Special Hobby. Available at: 
And through quality model shops worldwide.

Plastic Injection moulded parts on three frames; resin detail parts; colour instructions; decals for four marking schemes; PE fret; clear acetate for windscreens.

General Comments:
The Lloyd C.V Serie 82 was a two seater reconnaissance machine developed in 1916 and operated by the Austro Hungarian and German air forces in 1917. It featured an unusual wing structure which was covered not by linen but by 1.2mm veneer plywood sheeting.

The initial Daimler power plants of the Serie 46 types were replaced in the later Serie 82 with the Benz engine. After being withdrawn from operational use the Lloyds were used for pilot training. The type was also used later in Poland, the Ukraine and Hungary.

Though a little known type during the war and largely forgotten since then, the Lloyd C.V has enjoyed something of a re-discovery in recent years among modellers with 1/72 and 1/48 scale kits released and now a high tech 1/32 resin model in development.

The kit:
News that a resin 1/32 scale Lloyd C.V is in development has renewed focus on this quirky Austro-Hungarian armed reconnaissance aircraft, so it’s timely to pay attention to Special Hobby’s rather nice 1/48 scale kit.
As somewhat of a late comer to Austro Hungarian designs I was delighted with Special Hobby’s wonderful 1/48 Phonix D.1 which was a pleasure to build and a very satisfying project in a year filled with too many model calamities on my bench.

Encouraged by this project and intrigued by the challenge to paint the Lloyd’s plywood veneer wings, the Lloyd makes for an offbeat but highly intriguing kit.
Special Hobby’s Lloyd C.V Serie 82 dates back to 2018 when it was released as an updated version of the original Serie 46 version released as a new tool kit in 2002.
Special Hobby’s range of WW1 models seem to escape serious evaluation which is unfortunate as they are great little kits with a very esoteric catalogue of types not found among other brands. Many of the Special Hobby WW1 kit subjects are the only game in town for modellers.
Incidentally the Special Hobby Lloyd C.V is also available as a 1/72 scale kit.

The 1/48 kit comes in a end opening box and parts are contained in a sealed plastic bag within. Being a limited run type kit it will require some patience and attention to detail by the modeller, as there are no locating pins. That said the mouldings are good and carry a surprising depth of detail.
A few parts have some moulding flash but a sharp scalpel and sanding stick will quickly remedy this. The plastic is a softer type and easily workable. A nice PE fret enhances the details.
The kit´s three styrene sprues (two and a bit really) are accompanied and really enhanced by a nice assortment of resin parts including a stunning little engine.

The scheme options offer three Austro-Hungarian Air Force machines, one of them in two various styles, so a total of four marking options in all.
There aren’t a lot of injected plastic parts so the real detail in this kit will be in how the PE and resin is deployed. A bag of green-tinted resin parts provides a full cockpit, engine and other detail accessories. The resin is very nicely cast and free of defects.
The PE fret contains essential items to enhance the cockpit.

The Assembly Instructions:
The Instructions booklet in Czech and English is supplied as a 12 page booklet of double folded A4 size paper in full color throughout.
The full instructions can also be downloaded from the Special Hobby website.
The instructions are well printed and the assembly sequence is easily followed, with a color key to the Gunze line of paints. Personally I would prefer if we had a range of paint brands suggested but this is a minor gripe.
The grey plastic frames and parts illustration in the instructions are particularly useful as the frames do not have parts numbers on them.


There are four marking options in the kit. These are the color profiles for those options:

Rigging Diagram:
An easy to follow rigging diagram is provided in the instructions.
It’s nice that the Lloyd C.V is getting attention again and the large scale builders will be delighted when their kit arrives. But the 1/48 modellers have plenty to like with this offering and there’s also a 1/72 scale kit for those modellers too.
The 1/48 kit does not have a lot of injected plastic parts but what’s there presents as a fairly straightforward project for an OOB modeller and the beautiful resin and PE sets provide the ideal enhancement for the super detailers to work with.
Definitely recommended for those with some modelling experience.

The Review Kit was kindly provided by Special Hobby.

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