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Eduard 1/48th scale Sopwith F.1 Camel (BR.1) Weekend Edition
« on: October 10, 2022, 03:11:11 PM »
Eduard 1/48th scale Sopwith F.1 Camel (BR.1) Weekend Edition

REVIEWED BY David Wilson

Scale: 1/48th
Item #8485
Price: $US 29.95 from Eduard Store direct. Also available- Zoom PE set $US14.95 for Weekend Edition Camel kit.
Stockist:   Available from Eduard Store at and through quality hobby retailers worldwide.
Contents:   Br.1 engined Weekend variant of Sopwith Camel kit in grey plastic on 3 frames plus clear parts sprue; Decals for 4 marking options.

The Sopwith Camel is arguably the most famous British fighter aircraft of WW1 with almost 6000 machines built and in RFC/ RAF service from 1917 through to the end of the war.
The Camel has been a staple of many model manufacturersí catalogues back to the 1950s and is now well represented in all of the major scales.
The rotary-engined Camel saw extensive use in RFC/ RAF squadrons, along with the Australian Flying Corps and many Allied air forces including Canada, Belgium and America, among others. For many, it defines the image of a WW1 fighter aircraft.

Eduardís Weekend Edition Br.1 Camel
Since the release of their acclaimed, all new-tool Camel kit in 2021, Eduard have maximised the tooling with subsequent variants including the Clerget, Bentley BR.1 and the Camel Comic night fighter.
All of these kits are based around a common set of frames with optional parts. Add to this a spectacular array of resin and photo etch aftermarket accessories and Camel builders are now very well catered for.
In line with Eduard policy they have now turned their attention to their popular Weekend Edition version, a Camel stripped of its aftermarket accessories and presented as a Budget price/ high quality kit with four marking options.
We have said in previous reviews that Eduardís exquisite Camel re-defines 1/48 scale WW1 modelling and firmly puts Eduard on top as a premier 1/48 scale WW1 model manufacturer.
Inevitably Eduard want to maximise their new tooling for the Sopwith Camel so this Br.1 engined variant follows the initial 2021 release of the new tool Camel Combo. Itís essentially the same plastic but with new marking options specific to the Bentley Rotary (BR.1) engine.
But before then we have the Br.1 engined version which as the title suggests, focuses on the Bentley Rotary engine machine. In its life the Camel was also powered by Clerget, Le Rhone and Gnome Monosoupape rotary engines.

In reality the three frames in the box offer multiple engine and other options so thereís some nice spares here for other projects Ė even some upper wing Lewis guns intended for the Comic night fighter.
Overall, Czech manufacturer Eduard have produced a state of the art, 21st Century Camel that I donít think could bettered with todayís kit making technology. Out of the box the Eduard Camel is the best there is.
The level of detail in the toolings is impressive, capturing subtle fabric detail, rib tapes on the wings, optional engines and cowlings and comprehensive cockpit items Ė impressive in this scale.
The Camel has around 89 plastic parts plus quite a few not needed for this edition.
Thereís also a nice frame of clear plastic parts.

Struts and optional landing gear are nicely in scale and not overdone. The kit comes with nicely detailed Vickers guns ( subject of an Eduard aftermarket resin upgrade too) and beautifully detailed but unused (for this combo) Lewis guns and upper wing mounting brackets. These hint at a 2F1 Naval Camel in the future ?
The concept of the Weekend Edition kits is a stripped down version of the ProfiPack version- same plastic but without the aftermarket items, sold at a cheaper price.
At $US29.95 the Br.1 Camel Weekend Edition is a real bargain and for those who absolutely must have aftermarket add ons, Eduard produce a separate Zoom set with a full PE fret at $US 14.95 which contains a wealth of small details which dress up the cockpit and detail areas. A lot of thought has obviously gone into the PE fret which adds a new level of detail with the colour parts including a finely detailed instrument panel and instruments plus seat belts among the many featured items.

The 12 page instructions booklet is a well illustrated A4 format on glossy art paper with each step clearly illustrated with exploded view line drawings which also clearly indicate optional parts depending on which version and markings the modeller chooses to make.
The full colour instruction booklet details the build and features useful rigging diagrams too.
Colours are again keyed to the Gunze/ Mission Models range. A wider range of paint brands would be appreciated, Vallejo and Humbrol being my personal preference.

Marking options and Decals
The real difference in this edition is in the markings offered- four schemes to choose from, quite a change from the earliest days of Weekend Editions when you got plastic parts and a single marking option.

As the Bentley engined Camels were standardised for RNAS use, the scheme options reflect RNAS squadrons.
These are your scheme choices:

Decal quality looks excellent and in perfect register and maintains Eduardís reputation for their quality.


Eduardís state of the art Sopwith Camel defines quality. The Br.1 engine variant reconfirms that reputation and is easily the best 1/48th Camel kit on the market. This Weekend Edition is a total bargain and a must-have for WW1 enthusiasts.

Our Highest Recommendation.

(Review kit kindly supplied by Eduard. Please support the businesses that support our Forum.)

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