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Kovozávody Prostějov 1/72 scale Vickers FB-19 Bullet RFC
« on: October 14, 2021, 10:12:39 AM »
Kovozávody Prostějov 1/72 scale Vickers FB-19 Mk.1 RFC

REVIEWED BY David Wilson

Scale: 1/72nd
Item #: KPM 0249              
Price: € 10.70 from KP at
Ł13.20 in UK. $A 22.99 in Australia. Also available through quality hobby retailers worldwide.
Contents:   Injected plastic parts on 1 frame; 3 decal options.

Fame has passed by this pugnacious but appealing British single seat WW1 fighter, though it served with the RFC and was influential in the Red Air Service during the Russian Civil War.

Only 62 machines were built and it first flew in 1916 powered by a 100hp Gnome Monosoupape rotary engine. Armament was a single .303 Vickers Gun fixed to the fuselage side.
The Vickers Bullet served with six RFC squadrons in France and the Middle East though it was never employed in squadron strength numbers.
The Imperial Russian Air Service flew the type too, which led to it being adopted by the Soviet air force in the civil war where it was known as the Vikkers Bullit. The Ukrainian Peoples Republic was another operator.
Two variants were produced the Mk 1 early and the Mk 11. This KP kit has schemes for the early mark.

KP’s model
Enterprising and prolific Czech Republic manufacturer Kovozávody Prostějov (KP) have excited the 1/72 scale market with a series of WW1 kits that have injected a new enthusiasm into this often neglected scale.
Eyesight and hand nerve damage issues forced me to move on from 1/72 scale but I kept the door open lest someone should ever produce some of the kits I can’t resist wanting to make – a Vickers Bullet and an Airco DH.5. So along come KP and produce them both, with a host of others on offer too!
The Vickers FB.19 Bullet is a simple but pleasing kit with all parts contained on a single frame. From a first inspection it looks like a limited run product but provides a basis for super detailing fans to get busy.

This is a new tool kit and the end-opening box is colourfully illustrated and appealing.

As would be imagined, there’s not a large parts selection on the frame and the cockpit is minimal- a floor, seat, control column, rudder bar and rudimentary instrument panel.
The parts are contained in a single plastic bag, and are quite well moulded in grey styrene. Overall moulding detail and quality is acceptable.
Parts detail is okay for a limited run production although the Monosoupape engine may not be as finely detailed as modellers may now expect. Two engine options are provided.

It is still quite a solid representation with room for embellishment and is a good basis to work with.
Personally I’m drawn to models that are not over-complicated with too many parts. KP’s kits are a nice balance between detail and quality and affordability.
The instructions are on an A5 format two page foldout showing an exploded view which seem fairly clear. Colours are not keyed to any specific paint brand but in this release the aircraft is essentially overall clear doped linen.

The kit features three marking options.
1.   Vickers FB 19 RFC 1917
2.   Vickers FB 19 Mk 1 A1968 RFC 1917
3.   Vickers FB 19 Mk 1 RFC 1917
Decals are in register and the small sheet is essentially national markings with one machine’s serial number.

In the box, KP’s 1/72 scale Vickers FB-19 Bullet presents as an interesting and straightforward build, but given the simplicity of the parts I strongly recommend modellers get a copy of the Windsock Datafile #154 by Colin Owers. This is your one stop reference manual.

Definitely Recommended.
(Review sample kindly supplied by Kovozávody Prostějov. Please support the businesses that support your Forum.)


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