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Model Cellar 1/32 scale Manfred von Richthofen
« on: April 21, 2020, 10:34:58 AM »
Model Cellar – Manfred Von Richthofen

Reviewed by David Wilson
Scale: 1/32nd
Price $US 22.50 plus postage.
Stockist: Model Cellar at
Contents: Cast resin parts, separate head.

As large scale WW1 modelling has exploded in popularity in recent years there’s been an increased focus on appropriate figures to enhance displays and dioramas.
Leading the charge has been the very experienced American-based figure manufacturer, Model Cellar, which is in its 26th year of making figures in a variety of scales.
Model Cellar’s latest 1/32/ 54mm scale figure is a striking depiction of Manfred von Richthofen in a sweater with his famous geshwader stock walking stick. It’s appropriate to launch our new figure review board today as this date is the anniversary of Von Richthofen’s death in April 1918.
The Model Cellar figure has been sculpted by Mike Good, regarded as one of the finest figure sculptors in the world whose name alone is a hallmark for figure quality.
As our first figure review we are very pleased to feature Model Cellar’s talent with what I regard as the definitive Manfred Von Richthofen figure.
It’s patterned after a familiar wartime photo, and captures the Baron in a relaxed and smiling pose rather than the rather stiff and formal depictions of him in other figures.
How close is the depiction? Compare the original photo and the Model Cellar figure:

Some of the other formal Von Richthofen figures don’t look “natural”, and their poses look stiff whereas this figure could and will stand comfortably by an appropriate 1/32 scale model of his aircraft, either Wingnuts or Roden.
As can be seen, the figure comes in a strong cardboard box with colour details.

Often overlooked in any critique of figures is the quality of the casting. This is world class quality work, no surprise really as Model Cellar owner Paul does the casting work himself.
His details are clean, clear and crisp. Paul aims to use the smallest sprue possible vs big casting blocks that are very typical of resin figures. The casting blocks are in very unobtrusive areas and clean up work seems quite simple and straightforward.
Paul’s in interest in WWI dates back to his childhood in the 1960's and watching the 'Peanuts cartoons of "Snoopy vs the Red Baron" and for quite some time Model Cellar was one of a handful of companies producing WW1 figures.
The market has grown considerably in recent years but as his Von Richthofen figure shows, Model Cellar still leads the field.
A finely sculpted and beautifully cast realistic figure of the most famous pilot of WW1.
Highly recommended.

Our thanks to Model Cellar for the review sample. Please support the businesses that support our Forum.

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Re: Model Cellar 1/32 scale Manfred von Richthofen
« Reply #1 on: April 24, 2020, 11:42:36 PM »
Excellent review and the figure is ,of course, gorgeous! I didn't think I wanted another MvR figure but this May have changed My Mind!
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Re: Model Cellar 1/32 scale Manfred von Richthofen
« Reply #2 on: April 25, 2020, 05:01:55 AM »
That’s without any doubt my most favored MvR figure I know.
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Re: Model Cellar 1/32 scale Manfred von Richthofen
« Reply #3 on: June 05, 2020, 02:14:55 AM »
Excellent review, Dave - on an excellent figure. Mike's sculpting catches the finer points of the subject in this and in other subjects. The awkward folds at the bottoms of MvR's sweater (or jumper - for you UK folks!) are beautifully rendered. I have to say I agree completely with your assessment of the "natural relaxed poses" that Mike is able to achieve with his work, very much shown in this example.

Any figures I've bought from Model Cellar (quite a few) have been a great investment in the final display of the projects I've completed.

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Re: Model Cellar 1/32 scale Manfred von Richthofen
« Reply #4 on: June 14, 2020, 04:26:59 PM »
Thanks great review Dave
Now the kits have sold out I’m looking at alternatives and aftermarket including figures from CSM and Model Cellar.
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Re: Model Cellar 1/32 scale Manfred von Richthofen
« Reply #5 on: August 11, 2020, 06:18:30 PM »
Excellent review Dave & sums up this outstanding figure well.
MikeG & Paul are a class act that set the standard for everyone.
I’m a big fan of ModelCellar & cannot wait till I have a chance to do a few more.
Look forward to reading more of your figure reviews.
Thanks for sharing.