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ICM 1/35 scale WW1 Anzac Desert Patrol
« on: September 10, 2021, 01:15:23 PM »
 ICM 1/35 scale WW1 Anzac Desert Patrol

REVIEWED BY David Wilson

Scale: 1/35th
Price: $A97.50 (Australia); £45.80 in UK (£38.17 Export price)
Manufacturer: ICM of Kiev, the Ukraine-
Contents:   Combination re box of three ICM  kits – Model T LCP ( 135 parts) , Model T Utility (99 parts), Model T Touring (85 parts) in grey plastic; colour instruction booklets, decals.

The Model T Ford has gone into the history books as one of the most famous marques in motoring history, being manufactured from 1908 to 1927 with more than 15 million produced,  but its role in WW1 has – until now- been somewhat overlooked. The Model T was used in several forms by the British and Allied services and especially by the Australian forces in Egypt and Palestine in 1917-1918.

Prolific Ukrainian model manufacturer ICM Holding has not yet delved into the world of WW1 aircraft but its rapidly expanding catalogue features several WW1 era vehicles and figures.
Special mention should be made of the ICM British Military B Type Lorry which is a real scale model gem. So the Model T vehicles are in stellar company.
These are 1/35th scale and appeal both as standalone models and especially as diorama features. While scale purists may baulk at the thought of them next to a 1/32 scale aircraft, the scale difference can be negligible if the vehicle is posed at a slight distance from the aircraft.
This trio of kits is a rebox of the Model T LCP (Light Car Patrol) of 1917 (released in 2017), the Model T 1917 Touring from 2019 and the Model T Utility. These kits are also available individually and some of those boxings include figures.

The ICM Model T vehicles are exquisite kits, impressive in their detail yet modest in their carefully designed economical parts layout. Unfortunately our review set did not include the Utility kit, but featured two of the 1917 LCP (Light Car Patrol) vehicles, however as the frames all draw on many common parts this review can assume the comments also apply to the Utility vehicle and we can be assured the quality is just as good.
The frames come in a solid top opening box with a lift off colour boxtop which ensures the parts are well protected. All of the frames are held in plastic sealed bags so there’s no loose parts dancing inside the box.

Taking the LCP as typical of the trio, there’s a lot about this kit to like. The engraved and raised detail is finely done, hatches and raised rivets nicely rendered and the parts breakdown looks pretty straightforward to assemble.
It’s worth noting that the vehicles come with engines so the finished model could be posed with an exposed engine if desired.
Special mention should be made of the finely moulded plastic spoked wheels. These are beautifully done.

The kit’s instructions booklet, in a size close to A4 format, run to 12 pages apiece and are of the exploded view type, and are well detailed and clearly illustrated throughout.
Colour 3 views show alternate schemes and colour callouts are for Revell and Tamiya paints.

ICM are re-defining quality model production for WW1 era vehicles and their individual or packaged trio of Model T kits are a perfect complement to military dioramas.
Highly recommended.
Review kit kindly supplied by ICM.
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