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Kit Review- Special Hobby 1/48 Hawker Tempest II High Tech
« on: October 25, 2022, 07:38:21 PM »
Special Hobby 1/48 scale Hawker Tempest Mk II High Tech

Reviewed by: Dave Wilson

Item:  SH 48214
Scale: 1:48
Price:   Special Hobby on-line €38.7; £35.42 in UK
Review Sample kindly provided by Special Hobby. Available at: and through quality model shops worldwide.

Plastic Injection moulded parts; PE fret, resin detail enhancements; colour instructions; decals for five marking schemes; masks; clear canopies.

The Hawker Tempest has enjoyed a solid reputation over the years as one of the RAF’s best fighter aircraft of World War II and has attracted interest from various model manufacturers, appearing in all the major scales. Most notably Czech manufacturer Special Hobby produced an excellent 1/32 scale Tempest V kit in 2016 and over the years this has spawned several new editions with high tech upgrades and to encompass other marques.
The Tempest V was a development of the Hawker Typhoon and the Tempest Mk.II was the ultimate development of the type, and the last radial engine fighter aircraft to serve  with the RAF. The Tempest’s smooth lines simply evoke power.
Although the Tempest II did not serve in WW2, it did see service with the RAF in the British occupation forces in Germany and in combat in various postwar actions in the 1950s such as Malaya and also served with several air forces.

Special Hobby’s kit:
Every once in awhile a review kit lands on the bench that makes you go “Wow!!”. The Special Hobby 1/48 Tempest Mk II High Tech model is such a kit- the “Wow!” factor grabs you the moment you open the box.
Here we have the perfect combination of Eduard’s beautifully detailed plastic parts coupled with Special Hobby’s unique resin aftermarket enhancements and an impressive decal sheet offering five marking options.
The top opening box contains eight plastic frames which include two frames of clear parts. A separate plastic bag contains the treasures of this edition-  the resin aftermarket enhancements.

These include stunningly detailed undercarriage wheels, a detailed section of the engine to allow a partial open panel option and the relevant panels.

The A4 sized decal sheet offers markings for five schemes – three in RAF markings (two camouflaged and one in aluminium overall) and schemes for a Pakistani camouflaged Tempest II and an Indian machine in aluminium finish.
As for the plastic parts, these are finely detailed and beautifully moulded as we’ve come to expect from Eduard.
Here’s a sample of the plastic parts quality:

The key difference in this boxing over the Eduard brand boxing is in the resin enhancements and the unique marking options.
Combine them all and this is what you get:

The Assembly Instructions:
The Instructions are in a 20 page booklet of A4 size quality paper in color. The full instructions can also be downloaded from the Special Hobby website.
The instructions are well printed and the assembly sequence is easily followed, with a color key to the Gunze line of paints. A detailed parts list diagram is included with quite a few parts not used for this version- a win for the spare parts box!
We also note these instructions specifically include the placement of the resin aftermarket items

The decal sheet is impressive- almost A4 size and includes full stencil data too.
The decals, printed by Eduard, are in excllent register and are sealed in their own protective plastic bag.

Marking options are:
1.    Tempest II HF-X, 183 Squadron RAF, 1945
2.    Tempest II 5R-V, 33 Squadron Kuala Lumpur, Malaya 1949
3.   Tempest II EG-X, 16 Squadron RAF, Fassberg, West Germany
4.    Tempest II T, A139, RPAF 1948
5.    Tempest II HA557, RIAF late 1950s

The Hawker Tempest plays an important part in the Special Hobby catalogue with both the Mk V and Mk II also being available in 1/32 scale.
This 1/48th scale model due to its high tech additions is one that is ideally suited to modellers seeking extra detail to bring their model to life. Fortunately Special Hobby and Eduard have delivered an excellent value for money kit that nicely captures the distinctive lines of this unique fighter.

Very highly recommended.
The Review Kit was kindly provided by Special Hobby.
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Re: Kit Review- Special Hobby 1/48 Hawker Tempest II High Tech
« Reply #1 on: October 26, 2022, 08:44:37 AM »
A 1/48 Tempest Mk.II has long been on my wishlist and this looks like a superb kit that I need to build. Thanks for the review, Dave!

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Re: Kit Review- Special Hobby 1/48 Hawker Tempest II High Tech
« Reply #2 on: October 26, 2022, 09:27:04 PM »
You're tempting me to stray further from WW1 subjects!
I've seen the incredible 1/32 scale version of this kit and was sorely tempted to get it, but at nearly US$100, I passed.
Now this!

Any PE in this kit?

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Re: Kit Review- Special Hobby 1/48 Hawker Tempest II High Tech
« Reply #3 on: October 26, 2022, 09:33:27 PM »
Hi Ken

There's a small but nice PE fret in the 48th Tempest II kit, also paint masks.

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