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Kit review- Special Hobby 1/32 scale Westland Whirlwind
« on: June 30, 2021, 01:57:18 PM »
Kit review: Special Hobby 1/32 scale Westland Whirlwind

Reviewed by: Dave Wilson

Item:  SH 32047
Scale: 1:32
Price:   Special Hobby on-line €69.80; $ 84.49 USD ; UK £56.99; $A 124.95 in Australia
Review Sample kindly provided by Special Hobby. Available at: 
And through quality model shops worldwide.

270 Plastic Injection moulded parts on nine frames; colour instructions; decals for four marking schemes; clear canopies.

General Comments:
Although its contribution to the air war in WW2 was minor, the twin engined Westland Whirlwind fighter/bomber developed for the RAF has an enduring appeal among modellers.

It first flew in 1938 and was a contemporary of the Spitfire and Hurricane, but carried the advanced weaponry of four nose mounted 20mm cannons.

Problems with the type’s Rolls-Royce Peregrine engines delayed its entry into RAF service and ultimately only three squadrons of Whirlwinds saw operational service.
Pilots liked the aircraft which was used in both fighter and fighter/bomber roles with sorties to Occupied France where it was used to attack targets such as German rail systems and airfields before the type was eventually withdrawn and replaced by Hawker Typhoons.

The kit:
Special Hobby has an interesting catalogue of 1/32 scale kits and personal favourites have been their Hawker Tempest Mk V and Brewster Buffalo.
Special Hobby’s 1/32 Westland Whirlwind has been one of the most anticipated new release kits for 2021 and the finished product which depicts the fighter version delivers on its promises.
This is the first time Westland’s distinctive twin engine fighter/ bomber has been produced in this scale as an injected plastic kit, although there was a vacform model some decades ago and the Whirlwind has featured in other manufacturers’ 1/48 and 1/72 lists.
The Special Hobby kit is a worthy model to lead our expanded Forum coverage to feature the world of scale models.
The top opening box holds a well packed set of 270 parts moulded in grey plastic of which quite a number are marked not for use, suggesting there will be other marks of this kit, most likely the fighter/ bomber configuration.

Box contents also include 14 well moulded clear parts which are thin and blemish free (and will look even better after a bath of Future).

The kit features markings in four schemes, two in dark earth and dark green and two in ocean grey and dark green.
I was impressed by the surface detail of the parts and the cockpit especially looks to be a winner straight from the box. It’s likely various aftermarket upgrade sets will be on the market soon but frankly, this kit is a winner OOB as is. However it should be noted there are no harness straps in the cockpit although aftermarket accessories are available.

The all colour instructions give you a good walk through of the build steps and it looks fairly straightforward although some stages will require careful attention. Rule #1 in modelling- always read the instructions!
Kudos to Special Hobby for the work in delivering a model whose surface textures are excellent, in a plastic that will be easy to work with ( softer plastic requires less work than the hard brittle plastic some kits feature) and with a level of detail that is impressive.
Panel lines are nicely done and the general feeling of this kit is that it has been well thought through and designed to appeal – reviews in the model media have been positive and sales have been brisk.
Mention should be made of the one piece full span wings which come as upper and lower wing halves and make construction much simpler.

For those who like extras, the kit includes bombs and mounts though they are not intended for this release and signal a later fighter/ bomber Mk. II release.
Aftermarket add-ons are reportedly already in the works and we can also expect a figure or two to add life to the aircraft.

The Assembly Instructions:
The Instructions are in a 16 page booklet of A4 size quality paper in color. The full instructions can also be downloaded from the Special Hobby website.
The instructions are well printed and the assembly sequence is easily followed, with a color key to the Gunze line of paints.
Old time modellers like to say you don’t need instructions but the reality is today’s complex, finely engineered model kits demand attention and the kit instructions are more than a parts guide, they are your blueprint for a satisfying build.

This initial Whirlwind release features four decal options offering early green/brown upper surfaces and a sky and black underside panels, and the later grey/green scheme with grey undersurface. All are for aircraft flown by 263 Squadron.

Marking options are:
A.   P6985 HE-J No.263 Sqn RAF, Exeter, March 1941
B.   P7061 HE-A No.263 Sqn RAF, Charmy Down, Sept 1941
C.   P7118 HE-F “Bellows Argentina No.2”, No.263 Sqn RAF, Colerne, Winter 1941/2
D.   P7081 HE-E “Bellows Argentina No.3”, No.263 Sqn RAF, Charmy Down, Oct 1941

This model has been in the works for some time and anticipation has been high. Fortunately Special Hobby has delivered on its promise with an excellent value for money kit that nicely captures the appealing and pugnacious lines of this under-appreciated fighter.
Very highly  recommended.
The Review Kit was kindly provided by Special Hobby.
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Re: Kit review- Special Hobby 1/32 scale Westland Whirlwind
« Reply #1 on: June 30, 2021, 02:26:07 PM »
The looks to be very impressive with the details . I must say they have come along way with their quality of the details .

Thanks for the review Dave  :)

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Re: Kit review- Special Hobby 1/32 scale Westland Whirlwind
« Reply #2 on: June 30, 2021, 04:28:15 PM »
I agree with Alexis,

Looking at the pics of the sprues, I am impressed with the fine details of the parts. The full-span wing halves will also make many modelers happy I think.


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Re: Kit review- Special Hobby 1/32 scale Westland Whirlwind
« Reply #3 on: July 04, 2021, 10:44:28 AM »
Excellent review - thanks for taking the time to photograph and post.

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Re: Kit review- Special Hobby 1/32 scale Westland Whirlwind
« Reply #4 on: October 26, 2021, 11:55:18 AM »
Excellent review and thanks to Special Hobby for producing this kit! I have purchased it myself.


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Re: Kit review- Special Hobby 1/32 scale Westland Whirlwind
« Reply #5 on: October 26, 2021, 01:32:31 PM »
Looking beautiful, details are impressive.