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WNW kits
« on: May 26, 2021, 05:00:00 AM »
I have not been very active in the hobby for over 5 years. I got started with WNW in 2004 when they
first came out. I discovered Des soon after I got started with WNW. We communicated quite often
Via email, well before he started the forum. His was a tremendous help to me and I spent alot of time
on his website following his builds. One day he was looking for a Avis Fokker E.V. kit, I had
purchased one but was never going to build it, I was strictly WNW. He had helped me so much
I packed it up and sent it to him no charge, what he taught me was worth way more than the cost
of that model.
I decided to start looking to sell the WNW kits I had and yesterday went to Loop Coins and Hobby
which I have been doing business with for over 35 years, strictly for US Coins. I knew that he sold
on eBay and asked him would he be interested in selling my WNW kits, he had never heard of
them so I gave him some background. I explained to him that I started looking at eBay and the
prices had increased significantly. I started to look into it and found a letter that Dave of NEW
had posted on this site.
I gave the list of what I had and told him to do some research on these models.
Why am I going thru this because I thought I give the members of this site a chance
to purchase some of these kits before they get on eBay. I was shocked when my friend
told me what % eBay now gets.
So here goes I have 37 WNW kits, most of I have never even looked in the box.
In fact I found a box that I didn't even know was WNW the box was taped on the
top but no shipping label, I thought the box was to big for a model, I noticed on the
bottom there was the shipping label that was from Dave Johnson from NEW Zealand,
so I cut the tape and opened and it was kit #32801. I didn't even pull it out just left it
in the box.
All of these kits have been stored in large plastic boxes. I noticed I had 3 kits that
we're some of the first kits because still had the sides with tape, they quit doing
that. All boxes in like new condition bags sealed etc.
Now the numbers:
My good friend is doing research on this to determine what the prices should be,
the business was started in the early 1960's, and his 2 sons took it over when their dad
died. Judge is what he is called, actual name Anthony Smeraglia.
So I am offering this list to you before they get on eBay, thus avoiding their high
fees. Judge will do all of the packing and shipping, and handling the transactions.By the way he  is one of the leading numismatists in the US.
If you have any questions you can email me at: [email protected]
I will promptly reply.
Sid Ponder, Mobile,AL

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WNW kits
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Email sent.
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Re: WNW kits
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Hi, email sent, thx

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Re: WNW kits
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Email Sent.

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Re: WNW kits
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I sent my email to you as well.

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Re: WNW kits
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I have also sent you an email

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Re: WNW kits
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email sent