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Fokker F.1/DR.1 Vol. 1

By Ray Rimell with Richard Alexander

Albatros Productions WW1 scale model anthology series

REVIEWED BY David Wilson

Price:  £28
Stockist: Available through the Albatros Productions website or specialist hobby retailers.

Contents:   76 pages, text, colour profiles artwork, black and white archive photographs, colour photographs.
Comment:   Although barely 320 Fokker Dr.1 Triplanes saw use from mid 1917, the distinctive German triplane has come to be regarded as arguably the most famous German WW1 aircraft in popular culture.

It has featured in countless comics, books, movies and is best known as the all red fighter flown by Germany’s most famous ace, Manfred Von Richthofen.

The story of the Fokker Triplane is well known to WW1 modellers and the type has been abundantly represented in model catalogues dating back to the 1950s.

It was an acclaimed 1/32 kit from Roden in the early 2000s and has been back to the forefront most recently with the release of the 1/32 Meng/ Wingnut Wings Fokker Dr.1 and – to everyone’s surprise- a 1/24 Meng Dr.1 which was an undisclosed Wingnuts project Meng brought to completion after Wingnuts was inexplicably shut down in April 2020

The Meng/ Wingnut kits generated feverish new interest in the Fokker Triplane among modellers and it’s against this background that noted aviation historian and WW1 modeller Ray Rimell has produced this outstanding all new publication which I regard as the most important new title for WW1 modellers to be published this year.

Ray Rimell’s name stands at the peak of high quality, respected WW1 reference publications and his Windsock Datafile line are standard go to references for historians and modellers alike.

Ray has also produced the definitive series of publications to complement specific Wingnut kits and the Fokker Dr.1 volume was probably conceived as such, but in the event has been expanded to encompass all recent 1/32 and 1/24 scale Fokker Triplanes with a special emphasis on the Meng and Roden kits.

The publication from Ray’s Albatros Productions is the first volume in the new Albatros Productions WW1 Scale Model Anthology series devoted to the Fokker Triplane. Volume Two is in preparation.

Volume One is by Ray Rimell with detailed input and notes from former Wingnut Wings General Manager Richard Alexander. Both the Roden and Meng Triplane kits are featured including Meng’s acclaimed 1/24 kit, all explored in a publication with more than 300 illustrations.

Werner Voss and Manfred von Richthoften machines are explored in detail with detailed build logs by Ray and lavishly detailed profiles of Ronny Bar artwork throughout. This is a real feast for Triplane fans.

The publication is on quality art paper and within its 76 pages there’s so much to absorb.

Wingnuts instruction booklets were the best in the world and the Meng release instructions fell woefully short in that regard. So regard this publication, with its detailed input from Richard Alexander, as the closest we are ever going to get to a Wingnuts Fokker Triplane instruction booklet.

The contents are packed with interesting and useful information, historical notes and modelling guides.

Contents include:
Detailed colour notes from Richard Alexander for the Dr.1 and Meng kits and a really useful paint comparison chart which offers callouts for Tamiya, Meng and Humbrol paints (major points from me for including Humbrol!)

Ray does a detailed build log of Werner Voss’ Fokker F.1 and it’s augmented by a 1/48 three view art work from distinguished aviation artist Juanita Franzi. Is the Voss cowl yellow or green? This is addressed nicely.

Other contents include Richard explaining the background of WNW kits; a gorgeous series of close ups of Mikael Carlson’s faithful airworthy Dr.1 replica and a nice diorama from Ray incorporating a Roden Triplane in a railway transport setting.

Ray Rimell provides a detailed build log of the Meng 1:32 kit finished as von Richthofen's' all-red DR.I 425/17 with surviving red fabrics analysis and a new colour profile.

Other treats include 10 detailed and brand new 1:32 scale colour profiles by Ronny Bar coupled with relevant references, photos and Meng kit part check lists.

There’s a useful gallery of archive and detail photos of special use for modellers.

Summary:   The perfect reference resource for large scale Fokker Dr.1 kits but due to the details covered, the contents are equally useful for detailing 1/48 and 1/72 kits.  A timely and invaluable reference addition for WW1 enthusiasts and particularly useful for modellers especially those making the Meng/ Wingnut Wings or Roden 1/32 Fokker F.1 and Dr.1 kits

Verdict:  Very Highly recommended. A ‘must have’ for WW1 modellers. 

(Review copy courtesy of Ray Rimell, Albatros Publications)

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