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Schoolboy build 3
« on: May 01, 2021, 06:37:47 PM »
Found some pics of another archeological oddity from my schooldays.
I got Harry Woodman's bible in my last year at school so must have been 17 when I started to see you could do more than just glue and paint a kit - sometimes good, sometimes bad!

I always hated the shape of the Aurora Albatros Scout - such a bloated fuselage, so I decided to hack it about and make it into a much slimmer and more attractive D.II (using the wee plans in the Harleyford books as a guide.) Lots of plastic wood filler on top and bottom of fuselage I then used wings from a broken Aurora Pfalz cut to shape.
I reasoned that Werner Voss had such an attractive paint scheme for his D.III that he must have flown a D.II previously - painted in the same colours. Unfortunately there were no 1/48 decals that I knew of (although Americal Gryphon may have been around at the time) so I hand painted the swastika, laurels, heart etc using good old full-lead Humbrol paints.

The plane survive at my folks house until the nineties when these pictures were taken, but thereafter disappeared. So I was rather pleased to find an old box of prints of some of these antediluvian creations. Wish my hand was as steady nowadays!