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Art of Rado Javor
« on: August 01, 2013, 09:20:25 PM »
Found these images at

"My second airplane pic in my current serie. Italian Caproni 3-engined bomber, year 1916. It was one of the best bombers of ww1. I was fascinated how odd and fragile it looks and want to paint it immediately. However there were many brave men who fight in this fragile machines. Done for my relax purely. Thanks for your commnets. i used a simple 3d model as a reference for perpective, and some old photos of this craft.
 Done in photoshop cs3 +wacom int -3 cca 15-20 hours"

"My first picture done with the help the new cintiq tablet. This picture have even some personal value to me. It is inspired by some beatifull places in the south england, on coast of the Sussex.
I still have these images in my head and they helped me to make this picture.
Story is about old British flying boat, resting in some navy harbour. Now his best years are gone long time ago. It is the year 1937 and the machine is allready obsolete. It was build for the empire which is just at at the end of its existence. The picture is a little bit melancholic, but I hope somebody will like it.
Done in photoshop, the airplane proportion are based onthe simple 3d model. Then some painting in photoshop on intuos tablet. In about a half of the production I got the cintiq and the picture was finished on it. Apart of the seagulls, they are too delicate for cintiq.

Time about 20-25 hours on evenings after work."
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Re: Art of Rado Javor
« Reply #1 on: August 05, 2013, 04:42:24 AM »
I bought one of the Caproni prints. Thanks for posting the link.