Author Topic: Back to the glory days of the hobby  (Read 7198 times)

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Re: Back to the glory days of the hobby
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The box art for the Revell 1/72nd Fokker Dr.I got me then, and still evokes tremendous memories for me now. The scene is ludicrous ( a DH-2 downed by Werner Voss) but it looked great to a 9-10 year old boy!

MPC released some diorama boxings, two with WWI themes. The one I scored at a five and dime in '71 or '72 introduced a young boy to Frank Luke, and was my first introduction to Airfix kits, although I didn't know they were Airfix at the time:

Lone Modeler, you neglected to mention Revell's 1/28th SPAD XIII. I still have mine, unbuilt, that I got as a Christmas present from my brother. I built the Fokker Tripe and Sopwith Camel, but I decided to "save" this one for when my skills got better. Somehow, it survived a lot of moves, etc. I now have it on the shelf for nostalgia's sake. Guess I ought to sell it.