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Roden 1/72 WW1 B Type Bus Pigeon Loft
« on: January 13, 2021, 08:58:34 PM »
Roden WW1 B Type Bus Pigeon Loft

REVIEWED BY David Wilson

Scale:    1/72nd
Item #:   Ro #737
Price:   $A22.99 in Australia. £16.19 in Britain,
Stockist:   Available through quality hobby retailers worldwide.
Contents:   Injection plastic parts on 6 frames ; 2 decal options.
This is one of the most unusual, if not unique, WW1 model kits to be released in recent years.
Britain used over 100.000 pigeons during World War 1 and despite modern perceptions of how radio and aircraft transformed battlefield communications, the humble carrier pigeon was an integral part of the Allied communications network.
Type B London buses were modified to become mobile pigeon lofts and offered a somewhat bizarre sight around the Western Front.

Rodenís model
Rodenís latest WW1 release is, I believe, the first mainstream injection moulded 1/72 kit of the Type B bus pigeon loft, and itís a remarkably detailed and complete little model.

Following the unexpected closure of Wingnut Wings in 2020, Rodenís line of WW1 aircraft kits are being re-started, but the company has across recent years maintained a steady and impressive output of WW1 land- based vehicles, in 1/72 and 1/35 scale.
The pigeon loft Type B bus kit is somewhat of a surprise in 1/72 scale and from the detail and number of parts, would lend itself easily to a 1/35 upgrade, especially given its diorama possibilities.
The parts are moulded in grey plastic and moulding quality looks good with no visible flash. The kit is a development of previous Roden 1/72 scale Type B bus kits, the civilian version and the ďOld BillĒ Western Front vehicle.

While the kit does lend itself to diorama use, it does not come with figures, although these could be sourced separately. More significantly perhaps, it does have a flock of 1/72 scale pigeons to inhabit the loft! A nice touch ( even if they play an uncredited role in the instructions.)

The plastic parts are accompanied by a mesh screen for the loft and clear acetate sheet for windows.

These are in an A5 size visual style as per Rodenís practice and the 12 page instructions clearly depict the building steps.

The pigeon loft kit features two marking options, both for Western Front use:
1.   Vehicle 2229 Western Front 1916
2.   Vehicle 2257 Western Front 1918

Quirky, distinctive, Just the sort of kit to release when the hobby world is gripped by pandemics and a need for challenging new kit subjects.
Highly Recommended.

(Review sample kindly supplied by Roden. Please support the businesses that support this Forum.)

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