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Wingnut Wings at Amazon US
« on: December 30, 2020, 09:25:36 AM »
Having been blessed with several Amazon gift cards this Christmas, I was browsing the hobby listings on their site, and found several WNW kits sold by Hobby Cadet USA, in New York. They seem highly rated by Amazon customers. There were several kits, all marked up from the original retail prices, which is to be expected. Some of the 2-seaters, originally around $120, were about $190. Interestingly, the Early Fokker D.VII was a little higher than the 2-seaters! They also had some Albatros & Pfalz "No Decals" kits, around $150. In addition, shipping of $11 is added, and it is supposed to arrive the 1st or 2nd week of January.

I finally decided on an H-B W.12. With the gift cards, I was able to almost cover the entire cost. I'm glad to have added one more that I hadn't expected to have. I'll post more when it arrives.

I just wanted to give everybody a heads-up, in case you're looking for that missing WNW kit, and can afford the price (or have relatives who are generous with gift cards).

Also, a little off-topic, I used some birthday gift cards, in November, to purchase an Armory Fairey Flycatcher, early version. I was inspired by Gisbod's build in the off-topic forum. Again through Amazon, this was sold by Plastic-Models-Store, in Ukraine (with free shipping). There was also a promotional discount that took off a few dollars from the posted price. With tracking, once it was shipped, nothing seemed to happen for about a month, then it arrived in the US this week, and was delivered today. The projected arrival on Amazon was some time in January. Anyway, it was in a sturdy box, and in excellent shape when it arrived. It had some lovely Ukrainian stamps, and a small bag of candy included. I would happily purchase from him again, and highly recommend this seller to anyone in the US (even without the candy)  ;).


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Re: Wingnut Wings at Amazon US
« Reply #1 on: December 30, 2020, 11:32:22 PM »
Thanks for the heads up Pete,

And glad you liked my Flycatcher! Its a tricky little blighter though...

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