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Roden 1/32 scale Albatros D.1
« on: November 12, 2020, 02:48:08 PM »
    1/32 scale Albatros D.1

REVIEWED BY David Wilson

Scale:       1/32nd
Item #:      Ro #614
Price:         $A64.99 in Australia. £64.99 in Britain, $54 in USA
Stockist:    Available through quality hobby retailers worldwide.
Contents:   100 Injection plastic parts on 7 frames ;  decal options.

Despite a relatively brief operational career the Albatros D.1 is a significant WW1 aircraft, the first of the Albatros D fighters which formed the bulk of the German and Austrian squadrons in the latter years of the war.
The D.I was designed in response to the latest Allied fighters such as the Nieuport II and DH.2. It was ordered in June 1916 and introduced into squadron service that August.
The D.I had a semi monocoque plywood construction, consisting of a single-layered outer shell, supported by a minimal internal structure. This was lighter and stronger than the fabric-skinned box-type fuselage then in common use.
The Albatros D.I was powered by either a 150 hp Benz or a 160 hp Mercedes inline engine with twin LMG 08/15 machine guns to give it punch.
A total of 50 pre-series and series D.I aircraft were in service by November 1916, before the improved variant, the Albatros D.II entered service and really kick started the Albatros name in fighter production.

Rodenís model:

Following the unexpected closure of Wingnut Wings, Rodenís line of 1/32 scale kits are being re-evaluated and getting the appreciation they deserve. Roden led the way for Wingnuts and significantly the Roden catalogue has always stayed in production.
Roden are returning to WW1 kit production but itís important to remember these kits that we are re-evaluating pre-date the Wingnuts era and therefore production quality reflects their time.
Roden kits are not Wingnuts or Tamiya level but while they require a modellerís full attention, they do reward the patient builder. With care and modelling techniques, they make into very nice models.
The Albatros D.1 was first released as a new tool kit in 2008. It is the only 1/32 scale injection moulded Albatros D.1 on the market.
The parts are packed together in a single plastic bag, and are quite well moulded in grey styrene. Overall moulding detail and quality is quite acceptable.
Parts detail is quite acceptable although the Mercedes 160hp engine may not be as finely detailed as modellers may now expect (Wingnuts spoiled us) It is still quite a solid representation with room for embellishment. Rodenís engines have always been a good basis for their models.

Personally Iím drawn to models that are not over-complicated with too many parts. Rodenís kits are a nice balance between fine detail and quality and affordability.
Rodenís 8 page black & white instructions seem fairly clear and colours are keyed to Model Master paints.

The D.1 features four marking options.
1.   Albatros D.1 of Lt Gunter Jasta 2, Western Front Autumn 1916
2.   Albatros D.1 of Lt Spitzhoff, Jasta 5, Western Front Autumn 1916
3.   Albatros D.1 of Lt O. Hone, Jasta 2, Western Front, Autumn 1916
4.   Albatros D.1, Rittmeister Prince Friedrich Carl Von Preussen, Western Front March 1917.

Decals are in register and the sheet is essentially national markings with few personal features.
As for their use, Roden decals are unfortunately prone to various issues so proceed with caution- some work okay, others need a robust approach with strong decal setters.

In the box, Rodenís 1/32 Albatros D.1 presents as a fairly straightforward build, but we are fortunate to have a completed build to measure it against, thanks to Forum member Borsos who made this kit in 2016.
Borsos also shared a full build log with us:
Itís interesting that four years later we can re-appraise Rodenís kit in the aftermath of the Wingnuts mania and reflect that itís a very worthwhile project and as Borsosí outstanding model shows, with care and patience a real showstopper can be achieved.
Highly Recommended.
(Review sample kindly supplied by Roden. Please support the businesses that support our Forum.)


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