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News from Copper State Models
« on: November 09, 2020, 10:24:59 AM »
Our good friends at Copper State Models are powering ahead with a range of new releases and projects in development.

Edgar says the much anticipated RFC edition of the Nieuport XXIII is likely to be released in a few weeks time, with pre-orders under way as soon as the decals arrive. The kit will be available for the Christmas market.

Copper State's next 1/32 aircraft project is the Caudron G.III and Edgar hopes for a September 2021 release, but that is not yet definite.

Meanwhile the company's acclaimed WW1 1/35th armoured vehicles range is expanding with the Minerva armoured car on release and the Italian Lancia Ansaldo IZM in pre order status, due to be shipped at the end of November.

Also in development for 2021 release is a Canadian armoured car:

Stay tuned for updates on these releases.

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Re: News from Copper State Models
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Great news Dave! Can’t wait 😁
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Re: News from Copper State Models
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Waiting for that Caudron...

All around, good news, indeed. :)
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