Author Topic: The cheapest modelling aid ever devised  (Read 182 times)

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The cheapest modelling aid ever devised
« on: June 25, 2020, 04:09:34 PM »
I'm always looking for nifty gadgets to help modellers overcome physical difficulties in model making. In my case I have hand nerve damage which means it's very difficult to hold and work with small parts during sanding & painting etc.

While working with the wheels of a Roden 1/48 SE5a, I noticed a ice block/ craft stick nearby and on a whim put a blob of Blu Tac on one end of it, then put the wheels on the Blu Tac. Instantly I had a solid parts holder and an easy to hold gadget.

This has now become an essential tool on the model bench - zero cost!

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Re: The cheapest modelling aid ever devised
« Reply #1 on: June 26, 2020, 02:49:33 AM »
I don't know what I'd do without Blu Tac! It's just the greatest thing ever.

I also save takeout food containers (the Chinese and Mexican restaurants often use these sturdy ones, below) for everything from part organization to resting the model in progress. The edges tend to be sharp, so I just put some Tamiya tape on them. Add in some toothpicks, blu tac, and a 3 x 5 card and not only is everything easier to hold, but your risk of losing a part to the carpet monster is significantly diminished.

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