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The Great War Flying Museum, Toronto, Canada
« on: February 12, 2020, 09:49:02 AM »
The Great War Flying Museum just outside Toronto, Canada,  marks its fiftieth year this year.

It was originally formed by a group of flying enthusiasts who wished to experience what it was like to fly aircraft of the Great War. This original core remains active today and they have a collection of WW1 replicas that fly on a regular basis.

There is now a small artifact museum next door to the hangar which contains a growing collection of valuable pieces. The curator Nat McHaffie has been instrumental in raising  funds to build an expansion to the main hangar. Fundraising has been extremely successful as the museum has been given a substantial grant from the local government and the expansion is virtually complete.

Garfield Ingram reports construction has been done by volunteer members who have now completed the shell and are beginning the interior finishing. This new expansion will give the aircraft more room for access during maintenance.   There have been hundreds of visitors and a substantial number of these are school kids.

Garfield says we are happy to say that a visit to the museum in now a part of the curriculum of the local school boards and many young people are now aware of the history.

“We are also happy to say that there is a growing interest in WW1 aviation and these expanded facilities reflect this”
The engineering side of the extensions were funded by Garfield’s company, MI Concept + Design of Toronto.

The Great War Flying Museum is located just outside of Toronto, Canada on Brampton Airport and its website is at:

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