Author Topic: New paths: London 1940  (Read 994 times)

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Re: New paths: London 1940
« Reply #15 on: October 29, 2019, 04:05:40 PM »
very beautiful indeed!
your painting is superb! the old lady and the bucycle are what i like best...

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Re: New paths: London 1940
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You are not just a brilliant modeller Andreas, you are a born artist too. I would love to be able to put together a vignette like that, with all the subtle and careful detailing. You make things look so simple when in reality there has been a great deal of thought and imagination applied to the subject. That really could represent 1940 London as contemporary photos demonstrate. I would really like to see it too but sadly I do not think it would be possible so I will be satisfied with the photos!


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Re: New paths: London 1940
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Manni, Edo and Stephen,
Thank you very much for your friendly words!
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