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All uncompleted GB builds should stay here for the time being


Dave W:
Now that the Group Build has officially ended there are some builds which were not completed before the deadline.

To those contemplating shifting their unfinished builds to another board, please wait. I want the judges to see every entry not just the completed builds.

A huge thank you to everyone who took part in this Group Build, and those who supported it and followed the amazing builds we have seen over the past 6 months. It has proved yet again that our hobby is in good heart and the members of this Forum are the finest and friendliest WW1 modellers in the world!

To those who did not finish, please continue posting your build reports in your thread and later on we can move the builds to other boards.

Dave Wilson
Gold Coast

Thank you Dave, I've been unfortunately "offline" for a while and my build is one of the unfinished. I will comply with your instructions and will post next updates on the same thread until  moving to a different section willbe available.

Thanks Dave... sorry for not completing mine, but it's still on the cards! Maybe a GB for the "Shelf of Doom and Destiny"???

Thank you!

vB  :)


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