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Father and Son project: Revell Fokker E.III 1/72

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So, a bit of an unusal entry I suppose... my two sons, 6 and nearly 4, sometimes like to build a model from my smallish stash. I built a Matchbox Fairey Seafox and now working on an Italeri 1/72 Ju87 with the oldest, while the youngest to a little Revell model of the Millenium Falcon a few weeks ago as a gift from our local hobby shop.
He's a bit too young for the actual building, but he loves to paint with both paint and the little brush that comes with the Extra Thin cement ;-) When he's miffed about something he'll ask me to paint small details (it has to look like that on the box, no excuses!) and obviously I'm helping him with thinning paint and assembly, as he's just too young for that.
I though this little father-son project might just ensure future membership for this great forum as founded by Des (though I'm not pushing anything, somehow somewhere WWI made an impression on me as a kid, too, and I'm 40 now).

So, on to the actual build.
After finishing the Millenium Falcon, he was quite proud of it as you can see:

So, our next project, selected by him:

Probably well know by most of you, this is the old Revell Eindecker in a new-ish 2008 box, which means it'll at least have usable decals.

Sprue cutters are a relatively safe way to help a 4 year old remove parts from the sprue, though I help clean them up a bit and position the cutters. As I found before, I sometimes find it quite hard not to do too much myself, like removing flash and painting bad spots, etc etc.
Alex painted this all by himself! :D (proud dad mode on!)

Interiour bits:

He did ask me to paint the seat as he wasn't satisfied with how it looked...uh-oh!  :o

One advantage is that the Revell Aqua paint I use is very thick, to it can be thinned with tap water. After that it brushes well and covers quite good too!

Again, other than some tips on how to handle the brush, all his work!

When he's in the mood to continue, I'll see if I can post some in-action pictures of him actually working on the model :)

Somehow this brings me back to my own time building models with my dad, though in a few years he'll probably be hooked on computer games ;)

Jeroen & Alex

This is great! I have a project with my daughter, too. I love these moments when we sit together. Have both fun.

Thanks, Manni! Fun is what counts the most :)

Great to see your Father Son build. Looks like he is off to a great start!!

That is really, really cool! I wish my Dad had had the same passion when I started making models at seven or so. Go Alex!



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