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Title: fun with WNW profiles with my kids
Post by: jeroen_R90S on October 01, 2020, 05:38:56 AM
I printed up a bunch of profiles from the WNW site amongst things to get a bit of a feel for how some schemes would look together when placed on the same shelf. My kids saw me printing a few of these profiles and asked if I could print up some more and had a big piece of paper to glue them on to make a poster.
Some fun on a rainy sunday afternoon, I did help a bit with cutting, but my oldest (8) did most of them.
I glued them on later, and it's now put on his room. Actually I liked it so much I wanted to keep it for my own room!  ;D ;D

The big white bit is reserved for an Albatros logo if I can find a decent enough one to print.

I asked my kids which ones I should do and they came up with these:

-D.III: Jasta 11, Allmenröder (or Wolff with green nose)
-D.V/Va: Jasta 5, Dilcher (with "wood" star)
-DV/Va: Jasta 18, Strähle

So that's what I'll probably end up with, eventually! ;)