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Title: Copperstate Dolphin + Mirage Halberstadt FS 1:48
Post by: OEFFAG 153 on March 08, 2020, 02:48:41 AM
Hi All,

Another purging of the stash this time a couple of high-end 1:48 kits "wrong scale" for me, hence offered to a new home.

Both kits are in pristine condition with all parts untouched, sealed in bags, and boxes in good condition.

Copperstate Sopwith 5F.1 Doplhin CSM 1026 standard edition Asking price 28 USD

Mirage Hobby Halberstadt CL.IIA (BFW) Polish service Limited edition with collectors coin Asking price 30 USD

Pictures to be found here: (

Payment via PayPal only please.

Will ship to any destination at cost to the buyer, via Swedish post. Typical postagage to the UK and the US is about 23 USD , so keep this in mind. All other service costs, such as customs charge or VAT at cost to the buyer (is usually not an issue with private purchase). Will send them together if sold to the same buyer (same shipping price).

PM me if interested Thank You for looking!