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Title: Sopwith Pup A6249 'The Dragon'
Post by: Black Max 72 on June 27, 2019, 11:47:09 AM
Hi All
In preparation for the release (re-release?) of the WNW Sopwith Pup (Gnome) Iíve been looking at interesting trainer schemes. While the black and white B2192 that comes with the kit looks nice (and will probably be the one I choose) I came across some photos of Pup A6249 attached to 5 & 6 Squadrons Australian Flying Corps that looks very interesting. Now while Iím very aware of the problems of interpreting B&W photos, I would be most interested in other interpretations.
The Pup in question has a rather elaborate dark (black or red?) dragon running the length of the fuselage and what appears to be a heavily chipped and worn dark (black or red?) cowling and a dark (black or red?) border around the fin.
Now for the interesting part, Iíve seen at least one model of this Pup with it in PC10 with the dragon in red, black cowling and red border on the fin (apparently based on Australian artist Norman Cliffordís interpretation of A6249) This scheme would look very similar to the Bristol M1c trainer C4994 (and IMHO just a little bland  ;)).  But when you look at the three pictures of this plane the overall tone appears much too light to be PC10, in fact one of the pictures has another PC10 Pup parked directly behind and A6249 does appear much lighter in tone. Also the lower wings appear to be much darker than the fuselage. Now I know some will say, ah, but the light is striking the wing from a different angle making it appear darker, and initially I thought so too but when you look at the upper wing and the ailerons on the lower wing they appear to be the same tone as the fuselage also the lower ailerons appear to have a dull almost matt finish compared to the semi gloss sheen of the lower wing (possibly PC10 lower wings?). At first I thought possibly a Blue fuselage, upper wing and lower ailerons, PC10 lower wings, Black nose, red dragon and fin border. But if it is blue it is a different shade to the roundel blue as the tones donít seem to match. There is also a roundel on the wheel, but once again another conundrum; the tones donít match the tricolours on the rudder. My interpretation of it was red/white/red like a target, possibly an instructorís joke for the students. I am curious to see what other interpretations you all come up with. Whatever the colour is it certainly would make for a striking scheme.

Dave Rickard
Rockhampton QLD
Title: Re: Sopwith Pup A6249 'The Dragon'
Post by: Black Max 72 on June 27, 2019, 11:48:58 AM
Close up photo
Title: Re: Sopwith Pup A6249 'The Dragon'
Post by: Brad Cancian on July 01, 2019, 06:41:26 PM
Hello Dave from a fellow Aussie - a good friend of mine, Paul Carpenter, built this aircraft a few years back:

I'd argue that the fuselage is not blue - the fuselage tone does not match that of the rudder stripes. But look also at the glossiness of the wing. What I think you might be seeing here is a PC10 machine, but for whatever reason the fuselage has dulled out while the wings are glossier. It was a training machine so not impossible that a replacement wing (possibly one in PC12) may have been needed at some point. I think the simplest explanation here is probably the correct one.

I do agree though that the wheels were probably red / white / red, rather than the blue ring that Carpo went with.


Title: Re: Sopwith Pup A6249 'The Dragon'
Post by: Black Max 72 on July 02, 2019, 10:37:58 AM
Hi Brad

Thanks for the reply, it must've been your friends model I came across when I was searching the net, he did a beautiful job with that early eduard/flashback kit, from what I seen those early kits require extensive 'modelling skills' something I'm sure I would've made a mess of, thank goodness for WNW and modern Eduard! ;D

I agree that the tone definitely doesn't match the rudder 'blue' so I can't refute your assessment but if it is PC10/PC12 it must be heavily faded as the tone is way lighter than the PC10/12 Pup parked behind it, that being said though the cowling is heavily worn with bare metal showing so it could be a very weary airframe with replacement bottom wings (probably one ground loop too many!) maybe that's why some budding artist was allowed to  use it as a canvas for that beautiful dragon. It's a bit of a shame as it would've been nice to see another colourful Pup trainer one with an Aussie connection but as you say the simplest answer if often the correct one.


Dave Rickard
Rockhampton QLD