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Title: GasPatch Models WW1 accessory items
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GasPatch Models
Accessory items for WW1 models


REVIEWED BY David Wilson

Subjects: Lewis Mk III; Parabellum 14/17; Schwarzlose 07-12 Naval; Vane gun sights.
Scale: 1/32nd
Price: Machine guns €12.50 ($US 14, $A19, £10.80) plus postage; Vane gun sights €10 ( $US 11; $A15.71; £8.65.
Stockist: Review Samples provided by and available through GasPatch Models at
Contents: Four individual accessory item sets, full painting guide.


In just a few short years the name GasPatch has come to be regarded as defining state of the art aftermarket WW1 model accessories.

Greek modeller and manufacturer Costas Patsaros through his GasPatch Models company has raised the bar for modellers seeking the finest detail parts to lift their models to a higher quality level.

WW1 modellers are relishing the expanding catalogue of aftermarket accessories thanks to GasPatch’s meticulous approach to WW1 aviation accessory items. These now range from a wide array of machine guns covering WW1 and WW2 eras, to turnbuckles, spoked wheels, air speed indicators and machine gun vane sights.

All are world class quality, just like GasPatch’s spectacular 1/48th Salmson 2A2 kit which we regard as the definitive model of this WW1 aircraft in 1/48th scale.

Under review today are four individual accessory items, all sold separately, but grouped here for a review highlighting the breadth of the quality of items emerging from GasPatch’s production line.

In no particular order we have:
1/32 scale Parabellum 14/17 machine gun
1/32 scale Lewis Mk III machine gun
1/32 scale Schwarzlose 07-12 Naval machine gun
1/32 scale Vane gun sights

The common denominator among these items is the astonishing high quality fine detail and the way they are cast in a particularly strong resin.

The Parabellum was a widely used machine gun featuring on many German two seaters and airships and will certainly enhance some of the Wingnut kits. 


Although the GasPatch packaging states there is one gun in the pack, there are actually two Parabellums here. As with all of its accessory lines, these items are packed in a clear plastic blister pack with the guns further protected in sponge blocks.

The Lewis Gun was one of the most famous aerial machine guns in WW1 and was used as either an observer’s weapon, or the main armament of a pusher aircraft such as the DH2 or mounted on the top wing to fire over the propeller arc, as with Nieuports and SE5a’s.

GasPatch Models photo

The GasPatch Lewis Mk III represents a late war variant as would be seen on two seaters. The pack features two Lewis guns plus their ammo bags and four ammunition drums.

The Schwarzlose 07-12 Naval gun is lesser known but the type featured in both aerial and surface war use. Again the packaging here safely houses two very detailed weapons including ammo belts.

GasPatch Models photo

Many modellers will be delighted to see GasPatch has produced a set of 1/32 scale vane gun sights. These are a must-have and the tiny detail is commendably pin sharp. However great care will be needed to safely remove individual sights from the crowded casting block.


All of the packs feature a header card which folds open to provide a detailed colour guide.


Superbly detailed accessories ideal to enhance suitable 1/32 WW1 aircraft. Highly Recommended.

(Review samples courtesy of GasPatch Models)